Evangelical Covenant Church of Lindsborg Kansas

Regular Weekly Events


  • Contemporary worship:  8 am
  • Sunday school:  9:30 am
  • Traditional worship:  10:55 am
  • Sr High Youth Group (9th grade & up):  6:30 pm


  • HIS Kids Meal (FREE, open to EVERYONE):  6 pm
  • HIS Kids (age 4 thru 6th grade):  6:30 pm
  • Jr High Youth Group (7th & 8th grades):  6:30pm


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Our Pastors

Pastor Jeff, Pastor Darrell, and Pastor Jeremy lead our various ministries

our services and events are live-streamed to Facebook and Sermon.net, with recordings available 24/7

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Facebook Live Streams and Recorded Events

Sermon.net Live Stream and Recorded Events and Sunday (messages only)

Recorded Sermons and Selected Events only

Our webcam is live at 7:55am and 10:55am each Sunday morning unless otherwise posted.  Special events such as weddings, memorials, and others are available as scheduled.  If you click the Watch on Facebook button above you'll be redirected to our Facebook page, where events are live streamed and typically capture the entire service or event.  If you select Watch on Sermon.net , you'll see the live-streamed event or an edited recording (i.e. just the sermon, rather than the whole service).  Selected events are uploaded to YouTube, but we do not live stream to Youtube.